A speech of respectful reception party from school in Bangla Happy New Year


Good morning, honourable teachers, parents and beloved students, and wish you a very happy new year. It is of great pleasure for us to be here today. A year ago, in May-June last year, we had for the O Level exams. Now, a year later, when we think about it, it may not seem to be any big task to us, but a year ago, when we actually sat for the exams, it was literally difficult. But we were fortunate, to be one of the few people who have supports from every corner. Our parents and teachers have been (preparing us from our very early childhood to make us self-dependant. We are still going through that phase, even if we have passed the barrier of a levels.) the most dedicated people to help us cross every hurdles. (The ordinary level results may have come in just a few months, but it was the collective education of a decode and half that will remain with us) (The kind of results we hear today, which the students last year achieved, that could have been very different) It is the collective education of years from our teachers that got us through the exams. It is not just for the O Level Exams, but we have received their support for about one and a half decade, from our early childhood. We may have prepared hard for the exams with support, inspiration and guidance from our parents and teachers. For the past couple of years, we may have persevered for better grades in the exams. But eventually parents have put utmost importance on the education of our souls which should have been the primary aim of our academic education.     What we can achieve for a few hours of examination are mere grades, but it is the knowledge and intelligence we have developed over the years that will shape up our life in the future. Today we the students would like to thank our teachers and parents for what they have given us over the years. They have been devoted to help our wisdom reach its peak, besides academic education. We are aware that a few alphabets on the certificates can never repay the sacrifices they had for us, but in the lives which we will fit ourselves into, all the happiness and successes will have their roots in our teachers.