Death of a Dream

Tanwir Muhammed Taqi.!.!

“Dad, didn’t you buy a walking robot for me?” asked Sumon as his father, who was a dentist’s assistant, returned home for lunch. “Did you forget about my red skirt, daddy?” Joya interrogated. Asif, Joya, Sumon and their parents didn’t live very comfortable lives. Their houses was a shabby one in the suburb. The only one to earn in the family was Asif’s father. It was very hard for him to provide his family with anything rather than food, simple education and clothing. Customarily, their father answered. “No, no, no. You’ll get them later.” Joya and Asif had taken their lunch before. So, Sumon and his parents were the ones to lunch that time. That time, Asif suddenly remembered something. “Today the were to publish the result of the lottery. We have one, which mummy bought from a car,” Asif uttered while he was progressing noisily towards a desk. He took a piece of paper in his hand and scanned the newspaper. He looked again and again at the papers. Each time as he did, he pronounced, “K205.” “We’ve got it,” Asif cried, “we’ve got it! Seven lakh taka, seven lakh taka!” “Yes! Yes! It’s true,” Joya told joyously, as she examined thepapers. Their father had been astonished when he became sure that they had won seven lakh taka. “Now you must buy a walking robot for me,” Sumon said, “just like Milton’s one.” “We need a refrigerator,” added their mother. “What about a cycle, dad?” Asif asked. “Okay, okay. Bring the ticket,” Asif’s father ordered. Asif went to another room and searched. After about five minutes, he returned. “Where are the old copybooks which were under the table?” Asif asked loudly. “I sold them yesterday, why?” was the response from his mother. Asif froze in his place. “But the ticket was inside one of that copybooks.” Asif cried Even it had been early afternoon, what Asif’s father had heard, made him feel the time of dusk. Tanwir Muhammed Taqi Student Father : Rafiur Rabbi R – 065