Science and Our Dream of an Educated Society

Tanwir Muhammad Taqi

Science teaches us to think logically and perform tasks easy. It is difficult contemplate estimate how much we worry about education as a whole. We all get happy with news of education reaching remote areas of the country, people getting good grades despite various hardships and what not. We are anxious about our children to become educated, to be flurried with good grades and compete with the mates to secure top position. We want them to have a prosperous and wealthy life.

It is our dream to be part of an educated society. We expect our children achieve good grades and excel in all walks of life. We want them to become prosperous citizens become educated in life. We must ensure proper education for them to be good citizens.

A good education can help a society science oriented education bigotry citizen to change their lifestyle. It is quality education that determines quality of the nations. The cause of education involves multiple tiers: the primary secondary higher secondary preceding. It is our dream to excel in all these stages.

The dire state of our education system owes much to the society as a whole. He has been a bunch of uneducated persons leading the country and adopting strategies for it. The education system has been inspired by people who consider money-making marred by basic problems such as unavailability of sufficient teachers, poor enrollment rate of students and high dropouts. While the very first thing is that we can expect the Government to allocate a sufficient amount of budget and resources meeting up to the requirements of the state education. There is no way we can improve our country’s condition given. We have to the education system of our young. Not only do we have a poor national curriculum and a poor infrastructure, it is also the teachers’ pay scale and student participation that needs addressing.

Violence in student politics us as a nation we also have poor infrastructure to support education. If students the primary, secondary, and tertiary education faces a different problem set each and all need to be addressed in unique way. It is a shame of the education system that the teachers get an allotment measure in amount compared to the infrastructure which is also people. It is not only our government but who need to change the state of the education is poor and bad.

The current condition of education in the country is woeful. Not only is it bad from student participation, high dropout rates and poor student teacher ratio, poor research facilities make condition of even the most privileged students as unhappy ride. The society as a whole is not scientific based in nature, which makes it tough on students to carry out education/Public education in science. The ability to think logically and as a unit can only be achieved through science study, which will help in build a nation infrastructure and research fame need to pursue high education in science for increasingly mechanised and industrial era development in agriculture, vehicle, mechanics, vehicle, and era. Computer can only clearly be understood through science education and study. Technology car be created from a nation if scientific community is strong. Need to improve on dropout rates and student enrollment/participation of young people. Encourage educated people to enter teaching profession. Provide attractive salary packages to educated young people and prevent them emigrating outwards. Build nation research facility to people can bring international fame. A progressive modern population can be built which thinks acts logically benefit of misdemeanour and corruption. We can dream for that day. Science education is on the wave on the backdrop at a volatile political scenario.

The student politics is to education at universities and needs to be addressed to be solved. The student politics in education activities is also minor, with most classrooms being restricted to a gull of lecture. Angry students there are also very few teachers. As look after students needs and teachers-student remains. It is at sate the co-ordination between teachers and students. Something we cannot contemplate.

Despite with good results any cannot join higher education the insufficient universities. Enrollment rate poor in public universities; Research faculty is poor, scope bad.

Importance of science cannot be ignored of this era of industrial development. Technological advancement world is to a point where agriculture and science can be controlled. Science has ensured we can no longer sit back and have our say to the world. Knowledge and prosperity is defined by now scientific a nation is, which helps to determine the country’s course in industrial and technological advancement. Even surviving for aged farmers is impossible in this rapidly evolving/ without sitting from industrial development. Campus touched world so intimately overall development impossible without containing new technology for our country. Computer development incomplete; is possible through science education. Emerging new ideas in biology, chemical science, and physics charge the world needs to notice/ be practiced in a nation meant to development. The demand of an industrial world, development in new materials/ machines/ robots/ scientific research/ computers/ technology/ space exploration/combat climate change/ DNA testing encoding possible in Bangladesh will.

Greater funds in research gonna brighten our image in international area. A handy part it budget allotment. It is difficult but worth it. Provide attractive salary packages to tune attract persuade/ incorporate people stay and improve country. Take initiatives to develop country, dream will start.

Science Education in Our Country

Tanwir Muhammad Taqi

The importance of science has long been admired appreciated in countries of the developed world where its potential for progress of a country has been made full use of not only does it help to prepare minds to think logically and clearly, it also roots out bigotry and from a nation. It helps to know the world around you in ways or you never imagined before, and master a whole new art of reasoning. Everything is pure in the world of science, and your thinking will be rendered so.

Science education also has its benefits in at broader level. It can open up whole new sets of attractive technologies which change civilization. Had current electricity not been discovered the mobile phones would have been unimaginable. Technology is different, but it does stem out from science as a whole. Think about the blessings science brings to world production, transport and communications. In recent trends, we have been shifting and moving away from science, (however, that we have not been able to understand the full potential of science education. It can not only change an individual’s life, but of a nation also. It could grossly add a nation’s income by aiding industrialisation to happen. But the unawareness 10% increase in enrollment in computer science).

Theories actually are our explanations for all that we see in the world around, and must be treated such to learn to understand the world. They aren’t scriptures to remember for happy lives.

Science has matured because theories were devised to explain everyday observations. People must learn to relate theories to observations and vice versa, and criticise any mismatch between the two.      

Science has long been admitted to be important to the society. A person studying science has certain characteristics brought to his mind. He thinks clearly and logically, and finds it easier to arrive in definite solutions. The irrational ideas are slowly replaced with quest for knowledge.

The presence of these virtues is also spotted in a society inclined towards science education. Such a society is expected to be progressive as scientific research constantly searches for the new. It aims to know the unknown. New discoveries are made which change the world ideally and physically. Scientific communities lay the foundations for the world to embrace new technologies.

There is hardly any practice of relating theories to observations. Quite contrary to the demands of a scientific community, our national curriculum is entirely too used theories. It is surprising how the theories become memorised. The pressure to excel in examinations however, represses the natural inquisitiveness (quest for knowledge) of young minds. People are thrown to compete even who they are in beginning to learn.

The age old national curricula also need extensive refurbishment, to incorporate new ideas with the old. The students cannot be interesting to count how many there are in Bangladesh.

Scientific researches work with funds from public and private grants, and scientist in our country are not privileged with that delight. Institutions are not able to have anything rightly called laboratories. Scientific research is limited to only a few age-old techniques and equipment, to lack interest when the learning experience is boring to them, with no blessing of modern day equipment.

It seems the society is perhaps not unprepared to accept science education. While we learn to dream in childhood, we are told to have a decent income. We may become businessmen, lawyers, doctors, but we need a decent income. Social position and wealth identifies our ambitions from a very early age, regard of our social class at the time. This tends to be deadly to our education. When we learn that numerous easy ways exist to make money, honesty is a Herculean task.

To those who are undeterred by temptations of muscle power, social norms may a bit. Science subjects are considered suitable only for the best, meritorious students. Are you over confident? Isn’t it wiser and safer to go for commerce or humanities department? Besides, you sure are not going to be a madman like Einstein or Archimedes. The social awareness about science is also. The science students generally can relate their learning to nothing.

The reality is the public has lost interest in science. It may not be a good group of famous scientists to cheer about, but we may try to form one from millions in the country. There is no alternative to pursuing education for developing country. But it has turned out be a difficult task. Our people know almost nothing of science.

However, our society/nation treats scientific education in the wrong way. We have to failed incorporate science education with our daily lives. Our national curricula are focused almost entirely on theories, with hardly any practice of relating the theories to observations. Theories are actually our explanations of what we see around. Science not only is there high dropout rates in all levels, students choosing/taking science subjects is a low ratio of the whole. It may be that the benefits of science are underestimated or we are contrary losing interest in science education. The reasons leading to a situation like this are too many/obviously.

There is a rational/logical/realistic fear among public that science education is not going to find proper funds to be complete. The reality is that general public has been alienated from science. Even the simple things in a science subject are unknown to the mass people. So they have developed their own tales about science. Science is a very difficult branch of knowledge, they say. The thinking of this type is borne out of their in difference to the knowledge / of all sorts.

There is limited scope to pursue higher education in science, and research is almost a dream. Students are attracted to science because of its glory, but the later they are disappointed also.

We encourage students to avoid science subject fearing lake of workplace, jobs security if due income/grades.  There is an also limited seat available.

Science Makes Room to Economic Prosperity

Tanwir Muhammad Taqi

Scientific research is possible in various fields like astronomy, computer research, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and aerodynamics being a few popular names. A good science degree helps to enter anywhere you want to be. Besides, being a doctor or engineer in the practical world economy is also a good prestigious option. The end result is you realise your smallness in your society, which is not identified by insignificance though.

The enormous offerings of science are perhaps not visible in a country like ours, where education is only for getting rid of poverty. There is a pressure to study and get big results. The results part becomes primary aim, education secondary. Young people thus find various ways to cheat in exams, memorising being one of them. It is difficult for them understand the theories; they have no intention or support for it. Students are also faced with challenges like low research facilities and limited seats. The job market has long been pointed out as being small and underpaying to deserving candidates, which owes much to the unscientific society about safety and development. The political scenario also frightens scientific minds who normally want a cool and calm weather in life. Needless to say, the business sector has become attractive and profitable to job sectors.

We may hold hope that the wave of globalisation brings with it a new found love to science among students. That leads way to economic prosperity. Above all, it may open new doors to understand the universe, in its eternity, vastness and smallness.

Science makes room to economic prosperity, which again makes way for scientific research. It is difficult to contemplate on without another. The opportunities created by science are enormous, while scientific development is also the key to solving arising problems like global warming.

Student educated in science develop the world in both ways physical and ideal, through their work. The urbanization and industries seeks their help to work and the world also looks scientists for new theories to learn about. While the ones working to develop infrastructure are benefited from direct economic demand research scientist depend largely on grants from public and private sources. Whatever is your caliber, you have a special place reserved for you. But if economic matters are as we expect, you will enter the world of knowledge with enjoyment.

When the industrial era began in 17th century, the world changed physically with changes brought to its economy. The psychological impacts of science are much more subtle, although they are equally important.

Science teaches people to think logically and clearly. People are constantly made to wonder how does the universe work and is our understanding correct? In this way, science helps us to try and arrive in definite solutions. We are taught to believe only the most obvious things, while being ready to accept new and different ideas. But the art of questioning helps us to imagine things previously unimaginable.

The society also owes much to science for its creation, development and smooth running. Scientific research is about finding new phenomenon to and explaining those in various ways. While science allows people to think clearly and arrive in solution new technologies also arise from our thirst to knowledge. The technologies all around change the world in its eternity.